Friday, October 16, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET CALEB.. this was actually taken last year. This year was a bit of a blur since Caleb came home with flu/stomach bug symptoms that didn't rear their ugly head until just before his scheduled pizza party at our house. The sweet little man spent his 30 minute party either by the potty or trying to hold his head up while we talked to him. He had the chance to open his presents really quick and that was that. He didn't even eat pizza nor did we have the chance to do cake and candles.. :( **Sad Face** Caleb continued for the next couple of hours to try and get comfortable but whatever it was, it was not agreeing with him... Finally, we got him to bed and although he had a fever, I felt ok seeing how he would do through the night.. there is nothing worse than the feeling of a sick child...I cancelled my appointments and stayed home with Caleb today and intended to take him to the pediatrician, but his fever broke and he seems to be picking up spirit slowly.. he has also been able to keep some soup and crackers down. So, on the road to recovery thanks to prayers..

That was not the only thing that happened yesterday..Josh and I enrolled Caleb and Ella into a new school. Please continue to pray with us about a very smooth transition for both Caleb and Ella as they begin with their new classes on Tuesday for one day of what La Petite refers to as "Discovery Day" for the children. This will allow them to spend a day with their new teachers and friends before heading off for vacation to Disney and Grandma's house that week.. This also eases them into their 1st official day..

Caleb's Pre-K class has 11 friends and one teacher, Dolores, who has been teaching for 20 years. The classroom is really warm and set up more like an interactive Kindergarten class then a free for all daycare center .. they have a structured learning and fun curriculum that gets the children ready for Kindergarten.. Caleb will have one on one, which he will love because he loves to be challenged.. (he is so smart)

Ella will be 2 classes down in the toddler two's and she too will have a class with just 12 friends and it is so cute how it is set up with mini toilets and sinks and tiny tables and chairs.. I just know that in all my searching and waiting that the Lord provided the perfect place for them to continue to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.. Oh.. they say the pledge of allegiance every morning and pray before meal.. :)

Well, I will sign off for now.. but will post pics of the kid's "Discovery Day" Tuesday..


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Nicki and Mathis said...

So sad that sweet Caleb got sick, but glad that he's feeling better. Their new school sounds WONDERFUL -- Caleb is SO smart and I'm sure he and Ella will love the fun, structured environment. Have so much fun at Disney if we don't "talk" before then!! :)