Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Day

Well! It is finally here, my vacation with Caleb to Walt Disney World. I have been diligently planning and saving for this moment for almost a year and we are both so excited.. :) Caleb could hardly get to sleep tonight, his mind was racing with joy! ;) Today was also the discovery day for the kids at their new school which went off with a hit and they absolutely LOVED every second of being there. Josh and I peeked in on them at lunch time today to see how they were doing and we were welcomed by smiles and nothing but GREAT news from them... I thank God again for making provision for our children as we depend on him to provide the perfect place for them to be while we are away at work.

Of course Caleb dazzled Ms. Mary today writing his numbers all the way to 59 and Ella did the same as she went into a long explanation of how she loves to "washey her hands and poo poo on the potty ..while Ella read book" *ella language translates to I will wash my hands after I poo poo on the potty and then read my book*

It takes a special listener to understand the dictionary inside the brain of a 2 year old.. sweet treasures.. So, after their day, we all went to Lupe Tortilla and enjoyed a sweet anniversary dinner together.. all inclusive with sand box play (the kids love to play in their outside area with all the dirt :)) Right now, I am supposed to be packing my suitcase, but I am procrastinating some more and blogging instead!! :)

Well, when we get back from Disney, I will be starting college.. :) November 2nd is my first official day, although my counselor will walk me to class on the 29th.. it's pretty awesome how virtual college works and I am excited to have been afforded this opportunity from the military to attend such a wonderful college and finally get that degree and more importantly the education!

All in all, it has turned out to be a great beginning to fall and as we embark in on the holiday seasons, we will continue to work on getting our house in tip top shape.. so more project posts to come! :) I promise to post pics when we return next Monday nigh!!


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