Monday, October 12, 2009

My Mom

I got home tonight right at 5 and could not wait to take my day to the pavement. Don't get me wrong, I did not have a bad day at all.. in fact, I had a GREAT Day. Sometimes even great days deserve the I ran..and my thoughts were so focused and real that I remembered thinking, wow I made it through my 2 miles without any pain, I must have been really in tune to letting "it" go..

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Mom came to our house in Texas for the third time ever and stayed for an entire week. :)

During this time we stayed up late talking about life and getting excited about the thought of what adorable thing Caleb or Ella would do the next day while she was here. I also remember something pretty private that I will share tonight. My mom looked beautiful, more beautiful than I have ever known her to be.

She was radiant from the inside out. The life that beamed off of her was more than any daughter could ever know. She captured me again that week and I will always cherish those specific moments that we plugged my garmin up and went on a hunt for dollies and dishes and backyard toys for the kids at some local thrift stores, laughed about designer jeans and how it doesn't really matter what you are wearing at the moment as long as you accessorize properly and have your makeup on, you can face the world without worries! Mom also got to spend some time alone with the kids while Josh and I indulged in some good ol fashioned ZZ Top at the rodeo. It was peaceful, it was right...I love you dearly momma and want you to know how much I will cherish that forever...I miss you... Take care of you...


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