Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Post

Happy Sunday Evening! This weekend was fulfilling in so many ways.. mentally, spiritually, and physically. We spent some time on home projects, a little time shopping and lots of time just relaxing together. Today we visited and decided to join Sugar Grove Church of Christ. Most of you know that Josh and I have church hopped for quite some time. This has been a struggle for us over the past 10 years. Whether it was too far, too big, too small, too old-fashioned, too fire and brimstone.. whatever the excuse.. and yes I know it was an excuse we found ourselves nowhere.. unless we were in San Antonio and then we felt at home. There is something slightly wrong with that though, what do we do on the Sundays that we are not in San Antonio?

Do we complain that we have no real church family and talk about the next church we will visit and hopefully like? So, it is time and it was right, all by God's sweet grace was it that we found and were both satisfied to be back to the second church that we ever visited when we moved to our home on Fernhill. The thing that we both remembered about the last time we were there, which by the way was when I was pregnant with Ella Grace, was that the church was warm, inviting, had a great young families enviroment and everyone loved to hug.

We walked in and instead of the greeters giving us a pamphlet, we got a hug. So, we were in full anticipation this time around and it was much the same. The other thing that I loved was that 4-6 different men approached Josh first with their wives and introduced themselves to him and a couple of them we have met before through mutual friends in our neighborhood. Typically it is the wives meeting first and trying to get the men to go along for the ride.. in this case.. it felt almost like they were waiting for us to arrive.. yes.. us.. the Kennington arrive in their church.. :)

I am hopeful that making this commitment as part of our week that our children will continue to grow and have a foundation of love, support, christian values and more importantly a sense of God's presence in their lives..I must say and take a moment to blog that I adore Oak Hills Church and Bibleland and so do my children and I know that one day we will be able to place membership with our church family in San Antonio, but now we are here and I want to seek God's presence in the present and not anticipate my ending before it gets here.. I love my life and I am so thankful for the time that I have now....God is so good and his never changing love has embraced me. Faithfully, I will abide by him and know that I can trust in him forever...


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Nicki and Mathis said...

So happy for you guys! We struggled with church so much in Abilene, but we've been incredibly blessed with our church here. Glad to hear you had a good experience this past weekend. :)