Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on Life.

It's Sunday night and I am feeling really great about our extra hour of time. Not only that, I wanted to share quickly what our weekend consisted of :) On Saturday, we had absolutely NOTHING planned, for once. And our goal was to at least stay in bed until 9:00. We were almost successful in that, I got up and went to Ella's room around 8:00 and snuggled up on her floor next to her..(which she loved) and slept for the next hour. Then I cleaned a little, slept a little, cleaned a little, played with the kids and well.. you get the picture. Then at 12 noon, the kids went down for their nap and so did mommy! At 5:30 we started to prepare for our evening out to Sugar Grove's trunk or treat. Today, was almost as relaxing .. we go to the 8:30 service, bible class at 9:50 and it puts us out by 11:00. It is so nice to have the afternoon to get grocery shopping done and sneak in a movie on paperview.. :) Tonight Caleb asked me if I would paint him and Ella's face, so I naturally did what any mother would do.. gave into his toddler desires and proceeded to paint his face like a bunny! LOL The only thing that I was cracking up about and so was he.. was that the only colors we had were pink, red and yellow.. you can imagine what that bunny looked like!! If not, scroll down!! I am so lucky to have such great children and a loving husband.. and I enjoy sharing our moments here with you...


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