Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First comes Love.. then comes .....

Well, I wanted to post some great news about one of my sweet friends from high school. :) She is getting married!!!! On September 25, 2010 to a very sweet man Jay that she met a couple years back just out of college in L.A.! I am so excited and happy for her. Lisa and I go way back to freshman year when I would bum rides and sweaters from her and she occasionally would let me drive her car around my boyfriend's neighborhood 36 times as long as I didn't have to make any left hand turns.!! LOL I was not good at left hand turns.. anyways.. I was 15, and probably not supposed to be behind the wheel for longer than 20 minutes without adult supervision.. but it's one of those things you just do and think.. oops.. did I actually do that?? Yes...you know who you are! :) *wink* Besides that, Lisa and I developed an incredible relationship as adults when we reunited again after about 6 years. I was living in Connecticut and she was still in college and living in Danbury, which was an hour away! I couldn't wait!! :) What an incredible journey we have both been on... lots of stories.. saved for happy hours and long night phone conversations paired with hot green tea (compliments of Lisa) ;) Anyways.. this is dedicated to you sweet Lisa! love you..


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