Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend was almost a whirlwind now that I sit down to write about it! We spent Saturday as usual doing housework and talking about when our kids get to be teenagers we might be able to sleep in past 6:45 a.m.! Josh and I made breakfast together and tackled some much needed yard work. I went to one of my favorite places in Brookshire, Discover U Leadership Training at Running Cougar Ranch to cheer on my nominee and good friend as she achieved a certificate of achievement from her class! This class, if you recall was the same one that I attended early September that literally changed my life! Remember? Yes, this is the one, and it was amazing to see again another class walk out and have the mind set that LIFE IS AMAZING and that it is a GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!! :)
On the weekend of December 5th, I will attend a training class called "Givers Gain" at Running Cougar Ranch that will allow me to be an observer in a live class training and assist with the many needed volunteer opportunities this company offers! This is an extraordinary opportunity not to mention very uplifting in every way! Did I mention it was a "Great Day to Be Alive?"
I am so thankful to have been afforded these opportunities in my life and look forward to helping and being a part of changing the world 3% at a time!
I am the "I" in team and you can feel this way too because you matter!!!


Sunday was spent this morning at Sugar Grove where we congregate together as a church family to praise God and fellowship with many young families. It is nice to say that we have felt connected over the past few weeks since attending our new church. As a matter of fact this morning in bible class there was a new couple who had only been to church there twice and it was thier first day in class and Josh and I greeted them and the others chuckled as we were no longer being referred to as the "new couple" :) God is good.

Have a great week!



Nicki and Mathis said...

shelly, you are such an encouragement to me! i know we're awful on the phone/email, but i truly look forward to reading your blog each week. i am so happy to read how grateful you are for each and every day! i cannot wait to see you at christmas!!!

The Kennington Family said...

Ditto Nicki! You are the best!!