Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

A day more near and dear to my heart since being honorably discharged in 2006. I can hardly believe that it is almost 2010!

Today we were blessed to have the day off, our office was closed and La Petite Academy was open.. this never happens! Josh and I got to spend the whole day relaxing and playing at home and really had the chance to catch up..

I know some of you are probably giggling right now, saying, "you two work together" how could today be any different?? It is because when we are working together, we are in different time zones. :) Anyways, we spent our morning in Town Center enjoying a Starbucks treat and the beautiful morning sunshine. When we got back home, I made a few phone calls, to include Papa Kennington to thank him for his time in service and then I went to Hobby Lobby.

I had the best of intentions on buying some "project materials" and ended up to overwhelmed with ideas and left with my 80% off Halloween decor instead! LOL I bought a few decorations that I couldn't pass up! I then made a mental note to organize my trip a little better next time with a specific list of needed items.. I need to get moving on these, as with all the other irons I have burning through the holidays, I will need that extra time. :)

Great news though, I get winter break from college! Woo hoo! I had some pre-conceived idea that since I am going to college online that I don't get the benefits of traditional campus.. like no school around the holidays! I was wrong however and get to partake in winter break with NO obligations 12/21-1/3..This of course works nicely for our Christmas plans to be in San Antonio and Rockdale for Tuma Christmas over the New Year.

I hope that you had a fantastic Wednesday!!


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