Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching Up!

Hello Everyone! I know it is Thursday and nearly a week *YIKES* since the last time I posted and I feel as if I have neglected my precious journaling time to the world..

This however is not the case, I have had a ton happening over the past week and I recall just under 4 days ago saying to my husband, " I can't wait until Thursday." Why? Well, for a couple reasons..

1. My weekly out of town scheduled appointments would be filled
2. I would be packed up and ready to move my desk to our new office space
3. The confirmation of my mom coming for Christmas would arrive! (and it has, her and Jim will be here on Tues.- Friday) Praise God for his answer to my only Christmas wish..a hug from momma.. :)

4. The front landscape would be making a beautiful transformation to Christmas cheer, complete with Poinsettias and my tree will finally be decorated! :)

Yes, I have let a few things slide, but as I come to mid-point on my semester at school, and prepare for my 2 week vacation from that.. (12-21 through 1-4) I have been running 90 to nothing!

On top of that my camera scan disk bit the big one and I have not been able to take any photos. I have a cam on my phone, but the resolution is too shoddy (is that a word) anyways, it is too shoddy to post because it looks fuzzy!

I am hoping that those who participated in Santa Social over the weekend will be able to contribute to my Santa pics of Caleb, Josh and I this year. Ella was not too fond of Santa.. she cried from afar, but proudly announced in the car that she saw him! :) Complete adorable sweet Ella Grace..

Other than that, I have diligently been preparing for my homemade Christmas craft day with Chanti and friends over the weekend of the 19th.. I have a few cute things still up my sleeves and look forward to giving them over the holiday weekend..

Well, that is about it for tonight, I just wanted to stop in a do a quick catch up..


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