Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Give Thanks

It has been a GREAT day! I ran across this picture of Caleb hanging on the fence last year in Rockdale with his brand new hat on staring at that horse. He is so torn as to whether he wants to be a cowboy or a rodeo clown. I think if he could paint his face and be a cowboy, he would be happy. :) Sweet Caleb came home yesterday and told daddy and I that he needed to work on his vocabulary words for school because Ms. Mary wanted him to learn 3 words out of the ten. He began a little shaky and grasped the concept quickly of sounding out letters and was so impressed with himself he sat for two hours and woke up this morning staring at his list. I know that this is the beginning stages of reading and Caleb is so charged to be ahead of the game all the time.. it's like some sort of instinct I guess. I continue to tell Josh that wish I could pop inside his head for a few minutes to see what is happening up there. :) I am so blessed to have such a smart little man. Today, I spoke to a man who has a son that is 7 years old and is now up to speaking 16 words. He and his son have been through so much with his Autism diagnosis and I want to lift that little boy up in my prayers and yours. I look at it a little differently now though as I type and probably because I do not have severely disabled children. But, God.. God knew what he was doing when he gave that little boy to that family and if there is anything that I know after working with this man for the last year on medical claims, is that simply.. "his cup runneth over"
More love comes from that father and son than I have ever witnessed and not a mournful love or a feel sorry for you love, a real love. It's amazing. God IS GREAT!

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