Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Night

My Christmas Tree is decorated..My house smells just like KK's...I am pretty sure the only thing that would make this post perfect is pictures!

I am hoping to get out to Target to get my scan card this weekend. (my other one bit the dust) I really wanted to share the beautiful tree that Caleb and I decorated tonight. I also fished out the major big boxes of decor from my garage tonight and went to town. In addition, I added a piece to my collection.. A hunting Santa! :) Sssshhh don't tell Josh, he is hunting this weekend and I am so jealous that I couldn't go with him. It is the peak of rut..(non-hunter terms = the very best time to hunt) anyways.. he is going for a big one and I hope he scores!!

I will keep you posted!! :) Stay warm people, it is frigid outside!! :)


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