Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OH the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...it is raining outside tonight, so much so, we (Josh) had to raise the sewer lid in our backyard because it was flooding. This typically happens to the back part of our yard, so it was no surprise.. but the chilly air gets me ready to decorate for Christmas. We have boxes of decor in our garage that were pulled out in the last day or two so that I can begin accessorizing our home for the holidays! This year, Josh and I and the kids are going to make homemade garland out of popcorn and cranberries and I have enlisted the 3 of them in some homemade ornaments (kiddie style) made out of various things in our house to give our tree this year a simple feel. Josh and I have collected ornaments over the years from the places we have visited and lived. Each year him and I pick one out for each of us and since the kids came along we have picked one out for each of them as well. We have even gone as far as picking one out for our pets. :) I think that it is fun to have these, although some years we have not included them in on our tree because it got too overrun (our trees were smaller some years). But none the less it is a special tradition that we have kept up with in our 11 years together. I realized tonight that Christmas is 24 days away! This weekend we will go to see Santa and pick out our tree from the Houston Garden Center. I was so relieved last year to find that a 6 or 7 foot full tree was only $30. So, I am hoping to find the same great deal this year when we return to the Houston Garden Center. Other than Santa, we will also partake in a BBQ celebration at Running Cougar Ranch. Once a year, the crew at Discover have an appreciation gathering complete with horse shoes, volleyball, card games, relays, and of course yummy food. This year, we have been invited and signed up for horse shoes and volleyball.. :) Should be a great time with the kids.. can't get enough! *HEART BODY SOUL, YES* Life is good.

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