Saturday, February 6, 2010

Once Over Dust, Twice Over Rust

This was my motto today and all my fellow vets reading my post will totally understand my "lingo." :) This is something Navy folk become accustomed to on the ship. As we don our paintbrushes just after "chow" (breakfast), making our way through the "starboard break" (smoking section) and back to the "head" (restroom) we find ourselves slaves to the paint buckets. My very first time hanging off the side of the USS Whidbey Island on a short swing hung right over the rail with nothing but "line" (rope) and a 2x4 had me second guessing if that was what I had actually signed up for.. apparently I did. With a "greenie weenie" (Flat SOS pad, type green :)) in one hand, a paint brush in the other I proceeded to follow the rule all the while singing softly the omen..Once over dust, twice over rust.. the only problem with this is I had to start at the port hole and there was water dripping out of it, and each time the water met the steel, it created rust.. it was neverending.. wipe rust off, paint, water..rust.. wipe rust off, paint.. and it kept on until the nice gentlemen keeping watch of my handmade swing began to giggle.. I apparently was under initiation and they were not laughing with me at that point.. Being the only female in a division of all Boatswain's mate sent me home crying to Josh, luckily he was a boatswains mate at that point too, and more motivated for him to show this young sailor the tricks of the trade.. *the rest is history* and it wasn't long before I got to sit at the same table with the big boys! Thanks to JOSH!! My sweet saving grace at 18! :)LOL

So, now that you get my point.. and what I may or may not have been doing today..I had the Navy on the brain the whole time. :) I did get my hallway, bathroom, and shower room painted out.. trim and all. Josh fixed the 2nd sink.. so if you ever come to visit, there are 2 working sinks in the guest bath!! WOO HOO annnnnnd.....we got our brand new Kenmore dishwasher installed. it is a gem that was delivered last week compliments of our Home Warranty.. I was sooo excited..I waited all day to load it all at once and it is only half full!! I love love love it!

That's all for one Saturday, tomorrow is church and more painting.. Have a great week!


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