Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well TGIF! Wow! This week was really amazing..and quick to say the least! Monday, Josh and I attended an amazing seminar, "GET MOTIVATED" with a few of our family and friends from the office. If you live within a 900 mile radius of Houston and listen to any radio station, you probably knew this incredible conference was coming to town. A packed Toyota Center, Reliant Stadium and Grace Community Church (capacity 10,000), which is where we attended..waited anxiously and excitedly to greet the faces of some of the most phenomenal people in the nation! My favorite speaker was Lou Holtz, former head coach of Notre Dame. My second was Gen. Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and of course.. Palin (with her hockey mom smile and her cute outer wear) was there to open the event.. I have never seen anything that amazing in a long time. We got to sit on the second row. The first row was saved for family and VIP's of the speakers. Josh was actually convinced we sat right behind Ashley Simpson.. I wasn't so sure...might have just been a look a like! Anyways.. Tamara Lowe founded these Get Motivated seminars with her husband several years ago. It is the largest in the world and if you have the chance to go sometime, DO IT!
So, that was Monday, Tuesday..caught up on work and spent a lot of time playing with the kids in the evening. Wednesday, I visited one of my favorite clients, Discover U Leadership, and had the most memorable meeting anyone has probably had in the history of Benefits Unlimited.
So, I am pumped and motivated and encouraged and loved on all week! What more could one woman ask for?
This weekend, I am catching up on some reading for school and finishing my bathroom paint job.. put doors on the cabinets, clean up the piles of HBA (health and beauty aids) lingering in my living room and probably even make time for an afternoon siesta.
Church on Sunday and it's Valentine's Day! Josh and I don't have anything planned for Sunday, but Monday I am going to a Grand Lodge meeting with him and his Mason brothers.. It is "Sunday Best" attire and we even have a babysitter for the kids. I am really excited to meet the men Josh has grown so close to over the last 6 months and see his meeting place. I am so proud of him for being a dedicated father, husband, and friend.
Well, that is all I have to update for one night! I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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