Monday, March 1, 2010

Latest Happenings

February was sort of a blur and we are now already just a few weeks from spring, my favorite time of year!

Just around the corner is a lavishly blooming landscape of tulips, gardenias, and those Hawaiian looking flowers that open when it is sunny and close up when it's grass..and a playground full of bustling little children :) Cookouts and driveway gatherings, spring turkey hunts and hopefully a little 4-wheeling.

So, this past weekend I made a trip up to good ol' Toledo Ohio, where I spent a good portion of my teen years before joining the Navy. We moved around so much when I was younger that I never really knew which town to claim as my hometown. So, Toledo Ohio it became. I "grew up" there (born out west and transplanted to yankee town, which by the way makes the best chilli, bar none, I don't care what these Texas boys say.."chilli ain't chilli without the beans") anyways.. and have made a couple of my very best friends there.

I know I have blogged about them before..

These girls have been a lifeline for me over the last, well 17 years! Woah! to say that out loud is making me feel ancient! Not really, I love being 30.

We celebrated Lisa getting married and I am so incredibly proud of her for being so brilliant. She always has been. In school she was the "responsible" working at a deli and saving for college her freshman year. I actually remember her showing me her savings account balance one day after school. She picked us up every morning and we drove to BK for breakfast. She was always there for the good times and the wreckless times. A true confidant and always made me feel important.

I feel so blessed as each one of these girls was there for me throughout some of the most trying times in my life.. from high school and boys, to being a teen who's parents "didn't understand", of course now that I am a mom now, I thank my own mom for the job she did raising me.., to marriage, love, God, parenting, and everything in between. I know that it is imperative to have friends that know you inside and out and who will withstand the trials and hold your hand through the rocky phases..

I get on a tangent sometimes, see something shiny and forget my actual point.. so backing up a little bit.. the wedding.. Lisa's wedding.. it was beautiful. :)

Love is a gift that should never be taken for granted and should be given unconditionally and always cherished. Love is patient and love is kind, true love is persistant and never gives up. Love never fails. I didn't say it was easy.. but when a true love is found...keep it.

Lisa and Jay spent the last couple of years together fighting for their love for one another.. that was the "not so easy" part I was talking about.. but in the end. Love didn't fail.. it took a while for them to get there..but the wait was well worth it! I am so happy for you Lisa!! May your love never fail!

Other than the wedding, I got to do one other really cool thing while I was in Toledo! MAKE SNOW ANGELS!! Ok, if you are my friend on Facebook, you probably have already seen my angel in the's the little things in life that keep me focused on being happy. Ya'll have a perfect week! Will post more soon!!


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