Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Weekend So Far

The weekend has gotten off to a fantastic start and I have thoroughly enjoyed the happenings of our household so far. Busy as bees, the kids woke up bright and early, just in time for me to decide that it would be a grand idea to get them out of the house and get grocery shopping done. Might be slightly insane to some as I waltz out my front door at 7:00 a.m. in search of the next two weeks menu items! But, it certainly made the most sense to daddy, who was still snoozing away. (for good cause) Josh and his masonic lodge held their annual BBQ today at the Sugar Land Community Center to announce the scholarship awardees from the local area. The lodge donated $1500 scholarships to 4 very deserving high school students from all around Houston. In addition, all proceeds from the auction went to support all the local high schools. After the overhead and cost of scholarships, the lodge profited $6,000.00 for charity! Josh said it was the first year ever that the BBQ actually profited!! :) Next weekend Josh will be a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Master Mason and will be attending a weekend lodge event in Houston. It is very obvious that the relationships Josh has developed through his journey with Masonry are cherished, not just by Josh but also by his Masonic brothers.

After the BBQ it was time to commence yard clean up. My back yard had not received it "spring clean" so I decided to work on that. I replanted some Jasmine vines, cleared off the patio, raked some leaves and dug a flower bed for some anticipated flowers this week. (Houston Garden Center was packed, I pulled in.. and pulled right back out) Apparently everyone in Houston decided to spring clean their yards today too.

Josh worked on our bathroom and is tiling the shower .. I cannot wait to post the before and after pics ... Bathroom tile is also being installed as well. :)

Homework.. nuff said!

Last but not least, I wanted to announce that Caleb is officially registered in Kindergarten! Yes, Kindergarten. Josh and I took him to Sugar Mill Elementary and got him all signed up. Since they are gutting the school this summer and giving it a makeover, they were not able to tell us when the orientation was.. but Caleb was so cute and inquisitive.. he wanted to know where his class was and where the cafeteria was. He asked if he could ride his bike to school. :) Um.. no.. not for a couple years.. August 23rd will be his first day! So excited for my little man.. but feeling a little sorry for myself because I know that he will never be a baby again. *sad face* sweet treasure is going to be in school this year and I know how quickly those years can go. I am so blessed.

Well, that is all for now, I am heading for my bed, so that I can wake up before the rest of the world and ipod is all set to go...IT IS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!!

P.S. I love my life and am grateful that God gave me today to enjoy my family for another 24 doesn't get any better than this!! I am going beyond excellence and influencing those that I choose to surround myself with and inspiring everyone else along the way!!


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Lorelle said...

Totally sad life never turns out the way we plan.