Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's New??

Wow, it is Tuesday, May 25th and it has been a CrAzY week/weekend/another half week of activity. We have been going for what seems like the last couple of months playing catch up with everything from home projects, to school projects, to summer plans, working out of town, and finding the time to relax just a little bit before the months continue to creep on!

I am however, not complaining. I am thankful for the place that I am in right now spiritually, educationally, and physically. Speaking of physically..remember when I posted this, well this weekend I am registered for this:

It's a timed 5k Fun Run/Walk that benefits families with mental and physical disabilities. The money helps parents and caregivers find resources to assist those in need. From my original Couch to 5k post, I had no intentions of signing up for any races or competitions, and ran into this while visiting with a client of mine. Sounded fun, I thought .. why not? So.. will keep you posted on that..

Let's see..Sunday, I took Ella and a friend of mine, to the beach at Surfside. I love to go out there because you can drive right up to the water, jump out of the car and into the ocean..In our case, we sat around and played sand castles with Ella for an hour and just relaxed. Caleb went fishing with daddy and caught probably 12 catfish and perch. He was ecstatic as you can imagine. Josh cleaned some and threw some back and the ones in the refrigerator are scheduled to be on this weeks menu! :)

Alot of my free time last week was spent researching Barack Obama vs. Welfare Reform and the effects of his recent election and legislation's passed that may or may not have eliminated the efforts made on the Welfare to Work program implemented during the Clinton era.. As you can imagine, that was tedious! (however, I learned a lot and have moved on to Cultural Diversity and Environmental Science..(perfect topic with the oil spill and all).

Other minor changes here and there, gearing up for kids to be in San Antonio the week of June 7th. That will be fun for daddy and I to catch up..Big Graduation party planned on Saturday at Grandma's house. I have ordered Caleb's cap and gown and look forward to giving it to him to wear.. I am so proud of him..

That is my update. I hope ya'll have a blessed week and remember to go out of your way to be genuine. Don't say something that you don't mean. Don't make a promise you do not intend to keep, and be real! It is a GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!! :)


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