Monday, May 17, 2010

Thoughts of Landscaping

So, to keep up with the masses, I have decided that paying someone else to cut my grass might be an option this summer! As much as I love to get out there and supervise while Josh mows the yard, I have a feeling that our neighbors are just going to continue making our yard look overgrown and unkept. Seriously, last summer there was a house about 6 doors down that must have put some kind of magic fertilizer on their yard, because within 3 days it went from ash brown (i am talking completely burnt bald from the sun) to a plush green arena you would see somewhere like Jack Nicholson's Golf course in Nevada..(the only reason I know this is because it was attached to the same hotel that Josh and I stayed in on our honeymoon!) Anyyyyyyways, I want that yard.

They have yard of the month and "brite spot" of the month where you get a neatly hand painted sign popping up from your lawn and Visa gift card. (Very generous HOA) I have thought long and hard about what kind of plants might thrive in the beautiful Texas sun withstanding our summers and blooming weekly for the whole world to see, however, I have not found another flower besides "impatients" that will survive with a.) my brown thumb and b.) my brown thumb.

Any ideas?

That is total randomness for a Monday night, however on my mind.
Other than that, I have a week of projects to complete for the end of my Business and Research classes. Getting ready to gear up for the next set. Other than that, I purchased the most adorable school pics ever.. I know I still need to get them saved to a CD and printed.. Well, ya'll have a blessed week and remember that you don't have to seek happiness, it is simply a choice!

Ya'll get your happy faces on and go change the world you live in! It's a GREAT day to BE ALIVE!


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