Wednesday, August 25, 2010

27 Things That May or May Not Have Kept Me From Blogging Daily

It must be the random acts that I perform daily now that Josh is active in Police Academy that have kept me away from my blog. Because it really is a shame that I have not writteen one post since the 1st of August.

I have justification for my actions because sometimes, actually daily, I find myself creating new posts in my head while I am running, reading, cooking, working, studying, ironing, or even heading for my beloved slumber in anticipation of meeting the sandman. The posts are more of a rewind of my day and maybe some positive story to back up my reasoning for something that I may or may not have reacted negatively to during the day. None the less, it is a least it is in my head..which apparently doesn't count..ok..enough rambling..

27 Things...
1. Caleb lost another tooth..which makes 3..he actually pulled it out himself during nap time at daycare. His teacher became aware apparently when Caleb approached her with a bloody mouth..ew.www..wwww enough to freak anyone out! So, of course the tooth fairy was running late as usual..(we have really got to think of a system) If you remember earlier last month the tooth fairy left the tooth in the living room and Caleb found it..UGGhhh..we can't all be perfect :)
2. 5:00 a.m. alarm leaves me feeling excited to get my boys up for school. I usually get up to make lunches, iron a uniform for my honey and a button down for Caleb, and spend 10 minutes talking with Josh while he gets prepared for his day. Much of this time is spent studying ... yesterday I quizzed him on the amendments of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights..boy..brings back memories of 9545 days as a cop. :)
3. 7:30 dinner bell. Josh has a pretty consistent schedule and so it is nice to know that if all else fails, him and I and the kids are eating together at the table..
4. Working out of town: which I love to do on most days, however, sometimes it is nicer to stay within the confines of the office. The longer I am away, the more emails I have when I return. (which I love, don't get me wrong, however, right now I am riding the crazy train and juggling about 47 things and sometimes simplicity and being stationary is better. :))
5. Painting Projects
6. Painting Projects
7. Painting Projects
8. Writing about my painting projects: Tedious..but oooohhhhh so glorious to have it all freshly painted! For the 3 people that follow me here, you know that we talked about selling and moving, however, I don't have the time to sell our house right now. Thinking about having to keep my floors spotless until it sold seems a little overwhelming..especially since I promised myself that I would not feel sorry for myself or climb into my OCD box if I could only sweep and dust on Thursdays.. :) Besides, we don't know where Josh will work when he completes the we stay patient..and grateful.
9. School Supply Shopping: For Josh and Caleb
10-27...Life Happens.
I start school back up on the 1st of September and I am ready to. I have been off for the last month and today I attended my is nice to know that my degree is right around the corner!
Speaking of starting school, Caleb has officially completed his first week of Kindergarten. Caleb has done so well. Ella cried for 3 days after he was gone and now, since Caleb comes back for afternoon snack, she can relax. So cute! I love it that they love each other so much!
xoxoxoxo Shelly

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