Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday - Monday

Caught up on the monthly happenings around here and processing a few more thoughts before heading off to dreamland. I had the opportunity to finish up the final decorations in the kid's new room and finished painting the majority of Ella's old room. We are expecting company in October and certainly looking forward to having that room set up as a guest/office. I cannot help but mention that the kids absolutely love being together 24-7 and that their room is fresh and fun and very colorful! I listened to them talk and giggle for at least 45 minutes after bed tonight..I didn't nag them to sleep, because both of them took advantage of a 3 hour Sunday afternoon siesta.

I also had a chance to talk with my dad. I have been missing him lately, and although I know that my parents are just a phone call away, there is nothing better than the familiar voice in person joined with a hug. My dad promises to be here in November when I run my half marathon and since I found out Josh has to be at the Academy that weekend, I was a little bummed and considered finding a new half to run. But, since my dad has also been following my journey of running, and he loves to be highlighted in some of my milestone feats in life..he graciously agreed to be the one at the finish line! :) Not like I had to twist his arm or anything.

I *heart* my dad.

Well, that is all for now. I start school on Wednesday and will be looking forward to that 3 day weekend approaching!

Have a FANTASTIC day! I will. I am focused on creating unreasonable opportunities in my life because I know that the universe is conspiring for my success! It is a Great Day To BE ALIVE!!


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