Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Ramblings

So, here I am walking along minding my own business (ok, here I am running out of the office tonight with 26 minutes to spare before I have to pick up the kids, gas the van before my fumes fail me, reinvent the macaroni and cheese dinner from a box that I had strategically planned to make more interesting, and hope that my other favorite pair of sunglasses doesn't break before the end of this weekend, because it is supposed to be gorgeous and I need SUN!)... thinking about how wonderful it would be to eat a life size hostess cupcake then roll home and fall onto the couch for the remainder of the night and have zero responsibilities, accountabilities and 4 easily accessible possibilities for a self-service dinner station ready in my kitchen waiting for the kids to push that magic button that simply says.."insert food."

Yes, it has been a busy week and although greatful, I am ready for a 3 day weekend. Last night I went track running, which if you have followed me at all here, you know I actually prefer to distance..but last night, I wanted a quick and easy alternate. Besides, I have learned through my 1/2 marathon training runs that the sprints and pacesetting really help speed.

I was telling my girlfriends at the office that there was a group of runners out at the park on the track around the lake..and I decided to pace off of them, because I don't have a training partner. I love to run behind a pacer because I am able to keep up with them or at least set my pace for as long as I can. Well, this group had a couple of different pacers and the first two probably thought I was looney, because they would pass me and I would get right behind them and weave in and out of walkers right on thier heels.. Then, I would switch to the slower paced runners until I felt like catching up ... It was a challenging and rewarding run for me and kicked out about 4.45 miles..

The night before Josh began to introduce me to his cycling routine in the Academy and OH M really brought back some memories! I was pushing out 6 counts, flutter kicks, knee boxing, high kicks, arm raises, girlie pushups, and a backwards run..oh..don't let me forget squats and the duck walk! OWWWWYYYYYyyyYYYyyyyy is all I have to say about that! I don't think I have ever worked some of the muscles that were sore yesterday and today! So, that excites me because I have learned some new techniques for the core strength training and every article, advice, blog, email, conversation I have heard from runner to runner is that strength training is key to stamina..So..yay me..

For those of you who peak in on my daily training widget, I have not kept up with posting on daily mile..I feel like with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Texting, Post it Noting, IMing, and whatever else, I don't need to daily mile.. :)

My dad is coming in for my run because Josh will be at the Academy that weekend. I know I already said that earlier, but I was a little worried what I was gonna do if I could not have my BFF at the finish line..But, my dad is a great substitute! Thanks daddy!

So..that's about all around here..My post was quite all over the place..but none the less the random thoughts of my day!

Have a GREAT 3 day WeekEnd!! WOOT!!


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