Sunday, July 10, 2011

And So It Begins...

It seems more like a vacation from blogging than a six month silence as I sit down to write about the journey we have found ourselves embarked upon. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give my blog a new face...the next chapter is what I am focused on. Our "now" has changed quite a bit since January 15th 2011.

I have found a sense of peace in knowing that this next chapter is going to be as great as the last.

And so it begins...

With over a month into summer, we are settling in to our new hometown. Making a short long- distance move involves strategic planning to say the least. In March, Josh accepted a position with the Seguin Police Department. With our family living in Sugar Land, a house to be sold, school to be completed, projects to be wrapped up, career focuses to be re-organized we had a challenge ahead. I won't mention that before all those outcomes could be achieved there were a multitude of other duties...painting, repairing, carpeting, cleaning, staging all while working a full time job and raising two very energetic children after moving Josh closer to his new job in Seguin.

With a couple of months of separation, trying my hand at single parenting for a couple weeks at a time, and the anticipation of selling our house in record time I had a plan. Admittedly, quite scared..but I had a plan and then I began to pray....

Before this moment, I remember laying across the bed one day and talking to Josh about an epiphany I had. As cliche as it sounds, everything that we had experienced as a family up to this point, led to this point. The "what if" this wouldn't have happened conversations were rolling and we began to recall some sweet times..tougher..but sweet.

When I spoke to the Sergeant about Josh's prospective employment with the PD, he spent more than half of the time making sure Iunderstood what it was going to take on my part to be the wife of a policeman.

Josh and I spent 10 years collectively in the military experiencing a different way of life. No stranger to deployments or 12 day work weeks. Holidays and weekends were re-created because when duty calls. It calls. These years are not the answer to it all and cannot really be compared to our next chapter, because along with a 10 year history - a new chapter is written.

Fast forward..all the projects were completed, the house was prepared, Josh moved into his new job, Caleb graduated Kindergarten, I sold our house in 5 days, packed a uhaul with 4 years of accumulated and treasured items and we travelled to Seguin, Texas....

We are excited about our new adventure and know that when the path is lit, and the change happens so seamlessly, God has intention and purpose for bringing us here.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" Psalm 119;105

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