Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beautiful Day

It has been quite a busy few days as we prepared for the arrival of the newest residents of Texas. The 1128 mile trip didn't take as long as I had expected it to and the kids had a BIG surprise the Monday my parents arrrived. After school, like any other day it was our nightly routine, only this night, I added spraying off the  porch and planting a fresh bunch of Vinca's in my hanging basket out front. The kids were bouncing around begging me to play in the sprinklers (which I would normally do in our 104 degree weather), but tonight was special and I didn't want them all soaking wet when Nona and Papa Jim arrived.

I had them sitting on the bench out front while I ran over to the neighboring street where I could hear the caravan of a Uhaul, trailer and truck barreling towards our house. When they rounded the corner, the kids went BIZERK! They were so excited and could hardly believe that they drove all this way! It was an amazing evening really. Thinking alot about how grateful I am to have an opportunity to spend time with my parents whom I haven't lived around in almost 13 years.  I suppose when new chapters present themselves in my life, I cannot help but project a positive light on a new chapter of someone else's life too!

Our little town is getting homier and homier and the more time I spend in the house that I have pictured myself in for years, raising my kids, and loving my sweet husband..the more I smile and know that God shines down on me all the time!

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