Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Police Officer's Wife

After numerous hours of sifting through blog sites, online bookstores, and social conversation, I came to the realization that the only way I would know what "A Police Officer's Wife" was, was to let time run its course and experience it.

As always, even while Josh was going through the Academy, I had a sense of sheer pride that we would again be a "serving" family in a similar capacity as we were when we "served" in the military. That is when I began my extensive research on what "my" new life would be like. In case you want to know, there are more blogs, books, and "tall" stories about what I could expect and I became anxious at the thought of our new reality. Josh has been employed since April 4th in his new role as a Police Officer, and it has taken me this long to become comfortable with my new title. "Police Officer's Wife"

Even now, I have to admit that I didn't really understand the path that God had for us completely. What I do know is that when I allowed the transition to happen naturally and believed that we could have the desires of our heart, the new life we now hold least the first page.. :)

We are through the summer now and are all taking our own opportunities to realize our new realities. Long and late hours, anxious scheduling, 72 hours a month of solid daddy time..dinner at 3:00 a.m., ballgames supported by a 31 year old momma who really wants to make a giant tutu out of school colors with another mom she met on the bleachers to support the hard working little men who are "searching for the ball and grabbing the flag."

In addition to that there are 15 minute 7:00 a.m. conversations, Friday night spent on Tuesday night, and a vacation planned for more than a year away. Daddy serves, so do we. Fear is not an option. Scary..yes.

My life has changed completely. In fact about a month ago, Josh and I pulled into the driveway after spending an evening at a movie at the theatre and we weaved into the driveway past the police car that sits proudly at the end of our driveway. I looked at Josh and said just over a year ago, we were living a different life..look how quickly God changes the paths of those who ask. To us, we continue to see the new opportunity we have is apparent and much needed in this city.

Would I give any of it up? Not a chance. I am also now very proud to say that I am a Police Officer's Wife. Officer Kennington's wife to be precise.

Before signing off tonight I want to leave you with the thought that when you think that your past has to be your present, remember that letting go is living. When you live, you see the potential in all things that are consistently changing.

xoxo Shelly

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